David’s Sling – The most advanced innovation in the weapon industry

Israel’s Iron dome was a huge success. In an attempt to intercept the enemy’s missiles

this missile defence system was designed by Rafael, which provided 90% successful interceptions. 

But there were some notoriously advanced missiles, even the Iron dome and Arrow system could not intercept. 

Israel knew there was a need for innovation and time had already come to push the technology further ahead. Hence another attempt was made for creating an air defence system for a more effective interception. 

Hence, Isreal started working on David’s sling, an improved air defence system and the development of which was initially awarded to Rafael, an Isreali defence contractor. But as the United States provided the financial aid in the project, this air defence system was then joined by Raytheon, the American defence contractor and was jointly developed by both organisations. The partnership was signed between the two countries and David’s sling made the appearance in American publications under the name of “Stunner”. 

Also known as Magic wand, not only this defence system is capable of intercepting ballistic missiles like Iskander and DF-15 but also renders effective interception against enemy aircraft and drones. 

David’s sling is a two-stage missile and its nose tip comprises of guidance as well as two targeting systems. The tip of the nose is designed like the dolphin’s nose and this slightly bent structure provides the room for sensors and radar.  The range of this missile defence system is 40km to 300km and can reach an altitude of 15 km. The David’s sling defence system is highly flexible, scalable and renders exceptional performance in all kinds of topological regions.

But how does this air defence weapon system works?

The information collected from the radar and all the resources is transferred to the battle management system. This information is then further utilised to build highly thorough and accurate Air situation picture (ASP). This planned course is then rendered to launcher via a data link and finally, interception is made. The best feature of David’s sling is that one can retarget the interceptor in real-time to eliminate the threat.    

Some of the key features of this air defence system are: 

1. Cost-effective

2. Successful interceptions

3. High kill rates

4. Effective against multiple types of threats.

5. Large interception coverage

Since this air defence system is cost-effective, sufficient of these can be deployed in the battle field, ensuring the safety of the citizens and militants. David’s sling is a lightweight innovation which is equipped with steering control, next-generation seeker and multi-pulse propulsion. The operation of this missile defence system requires minimum man power and also minimises the collateral damage which is caused because of the debris.

In 2010, this air defence system was offered to Indian armed forces. Not only this, the system gained a lot of popularity in the six countries of GCC.

David’s sling is one of the most technologically advanced air defence system the world knows today. In the year 2016, David’s sling was claimed to be the world’s most revolutionary innovation. But the achievements didn’t end here. In 2017, David’s sling not only won the US tech award but also Technology pioneer award.    


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