Best Helicopter Armament for Superior Aerial Attack

Helicopters are among the most useful aircraft in times of war for a lot of different reasons. Most commonly, they are useful for transporting troops of soldiers to and from the battle ground. Helicopters are also vital for search and rescue missions and for the evacuation of injured personnel. They can even be an aerial command center. 

There is not much need for helicopter armament for these purposes. However, there are also a lot of combat helicopters that work specifically as attack weapons. Without a doubt, these kinds of aircraft should have only the best weaponry in order to fulfill their function well.

Features of the Most Advanced Helicopter Armament Systems

You might be surprised at how much gunfire you can pack into a seemingly ordinary helicopter. With the kind of technology that is available these days, a regular chopper can become a really mighty force multiplier. Here are some of the most impressive features that come with top quality helicopter armament systems.

Long Standoff Range

The range refers to the distance that the helicopter can fly starting from takeoff until the landing. During combat, it is not very easy or practical to keep returning to land just to fuel up. 

High Lethality

Combat helicopters are best when they can take down the opponent very fast. A helicopter armament system that comes with a wide variety of weaponry can do this very easily. The best systems come with very powerful missile launchers, guns and rockets. 

Light Weight 

One of the strong points of the best helicopter armament systems is their light weight. With no heavy artillery weighing down the aircraft, it can fly at high speeds and maneuver deftly during any mission.

With the right kind of helicopter armament, you can create a heavy duty machine that is truly a force to reckon with.


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